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Middle Schools

The YBMen Project is now being offered in middle schools! 

Over the past 10  years, we have seen a growing number of programs dedicated to the mental health of Black/African American boys. Despite this growth, little work has focused on exploring and supporting Black boys’ experiences with mental health, perceptions of manhood, and social support.

What We Are Doing

We are piloting various iterations of the YBMen Project with 13-15-year-old Black boys in middle schools in the Metro Detroit area. Given the social media preferences of boys in this age group, we are using Instagram as the YBMen intervention platform. Additionally, we are using age-appropriate, gender-specific, and culturally-sensitive popular cultural references to disseminate information on mental health, gender identity, racial identity, and social support to Black boys.


We are currently writing up our final report from this pilot. Check back later for details.